There is a variety of services provided. Play therapy, Pre-teen and adolescents counseling. Individual, family counseling, and Christian counseling is also available. Quality counseling is provided to help resolve issues impacting the life of your family, your child, yourself.

First, play therapy is a form of counseling that uses play to express and resolve challenges. It is generally employed with children ages 3-11. Play therapy can be divided into two basic types: non-directive and directive. Non-directive play therapy is a non-intrusive method in which children are encouraged to work toward their own solutions through play. In contrast, directive play therapy is a method that includes more guidance and structure by the therapist as children work through behavioral and emotional difficulties through play.

With the onset of puberty, hormones are in full motion, influencing changes physical and emotional. Therapy for pre-teens and teens focuses more on interpersonal relationships; how they relate to their peers and their family, communicate and individuate. It also includes giving teens appropriate coping skills and resources when challenges happen.

Whether it’s a child, preteen or teen, the first appointment is for the parent or legal caregiver to discuss concerns. This approach helps frame and establish a historical perspective and a chronological and comprehensive viewpoint of concerns. It also includes the family in the process and offers a better response to therapy.

Individual counseling is a process through which clients work one on one in a safe, caring environment. It is a process to explore beliefs, feelings, and/or behaviors, to work through challenging issues, identify aspects of their lives that they would like to change, better understand themselves and others, set personal goals, and work toward desired change.

Dr. John Townsend stated that “the definition of Christian therapy is an active and specific involvement in your sanctification.” It’s not about restoring your innocence, but it’s about redeeming you. God has a process for taking us from a broken, hurting, dysfunctional state and restoring us so that we can function again. Christian counseling can bring people through a process that starts inside with who we are, and moves outward toward who God is. That’s how God redeems us, sanctifies us, and heals us.

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